Outstanding Contributions to the Profession of School Psychology

CDSPP awards this honor based on the following criteria:
  • Advancement of the field of School Psychology through sustained research efforts, publications, national reputation, etc.
  • Achievements as a School Psychology doctoral trainer: trained a significant number of school psychologists and clinicians who have, in turn, advanced the field through their own research and clinical endeavors. 
  • Significant national leadership roles in School Psychology during career (e.g., CDSPP Exec, APA Division 16, NASP, APA CoA, NASP Program Approval Board, BEA and other boards, Society for the Study of School Psychology, ASPPB, etc.)
  • Recipient of other prestigious awards and honors (e.g., APA Distinguished Career Contributions to Education and Training Award, the University awards for outstanding teaching/ research/service, the APA Jack Bardon Distinguished Service Award, achieving Fellow status in APA Divisions, etc.)
Recipients of the Award:
1998 - Nadine Lambert & Beeman Phillips
1999 - Joe French & Rosa Hagin
2000 - Gil Trachtman
2001 - Tom Oakland
2002 - Tom Fagan
2003 - Walt Pryzwansky
2005 - Jane Conoley
2007 - Jonathan Sandoval
2008 - Joseph Rosenfeld
2009 - Sandy Christensen
2010 - Elaine Clark
2011 - Sylvia Rosenfield
2012 - Bill Strein
2015 - LeAdelle Phelps
2016 - Mark Swerdlik
2017 - Jim Ysseldyke